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August 18, 2021

AaDya is on a Mission to Secure SMBs: Here’s Why You Should Join Them.

Jeanette "JJ" Jones
AaDya Channel Program Advisor

As a cybersecurity professional, and a former colleague and friend of AaDya’s founder and CEO, Raffaele Mautone, I’ve been watching this company’s journey since the beginning. When Raffaele approached me last month to serve as an advisor to his team as they build and grow their new channel partner program, I was excited to jump in and help. This company is truly going to change the industry and I’m looking forward to working with them to build a channel partner program that does the same.

One of the keys to a successful channel program is to align with partners that share your values. AaDya is on a mission to provide smart, simple, effective and affordable cybersecurity software solutions designed for small and medium businesses, and they are building a network of like-minded, forward-thinking partners to get it done.

For too long, small and midsize businesses have been overlooked in favor of serving the enterprise. They are left to try to build a strong security stack with point products that are often too expensive, and too complicated for small teams to manage. And, while they have the technical expertise to manage these solutions, the service providers that support these businesses have to pass along the costs to their customers. The end result is many of them end up going under protection putting their businesses and the customers they serve, at risk.

For AaDya, it’s about more than just software development and profit margins, it’s about building a program to bring real value to this underserved sector and to those who support it. Their all-in-one solution, powered by Judy, a virtual cybersecurity assistant, is specifically tailored to the needs and budgets of the SMB. It gives service providers, value-added resellers and consultants an offering that is easy for them to deploy and manage, and provides their customers with enterprise level security in one package that even their non-technical users will enjoy using.

The platform and the partner program they have created provides great opportunity for MSPs, MSSPs and IT consultants, many of which are small businesses as well, to enjoy a healthy new revenue stream, reduce the burden on their teams and keep their customers protected and happy. It’s truly the definition of a win-win.

The AaDya team is also committed to supporting and enabling their partners growth and success through incredible hands-on support that includes 24/7 support, no-cost sales training, a truly collaborative approach to deliver leads and help close deals, and customized marketing to allow your own brand to shine.

I’m excited to be a part of this movement to disrupt the cybersecurity status quo by delivering smart, simple, effective and affordable enterprise security to SMB customers. If you are an MSP, MSSP, a value-added reseller or IT consultant serving this sector, who is bold, visionary, collaborative and ready to succeed, we hope you’ll consider joining us.

Currently director of OEM & Alliances at Menlo Security, "JJ" brings with her over 20 years of exceptional and transformational leadership in sales strategy and partnerships at notable companies including McAfee, AppDynamics, and Symantec.

You can learn more about AaDya's Partner Program here or contact our team directly: