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September 8, 2023

Back-to-School Could Mean Back-to-Potential Cyber Attacks

By Tim Hankins, SVP of Growth at Judy Security

As the school year commences and students return to the classroom, the increasing reliance on digital tools within educational institutions raises concerns. In the wake of recent targeted attacks, it is clear many school districts and universities lack the necessary resources to safeguard all the devices connected to their networks.

Inevitably, with all the devices on any single network, there will be vulnerabilities that cybercriminals may exploit to siphon off a massive amount of information. Such breaches can inflict significant damage on both the financial stability and reputation of educational institutions. While financial recovery from a cybersecurity breach is possible, rebuilding a tarnished reputation proves far more challenging.

Having proper security hygiene doesn't require a dedicated team, but having a proper cybersecurity plan is imperative. In this digital age, the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach, no matter how slight, is something institutions must anticipate.

Since most schools lack the resources to manage multiple point products, they tend to simply employ firewalls, however this represents just one facet of a comprehensive cybersecurity plan.

What institutions need is an all-in-one solution that encompasses all its cybersecurity needs in a single AI-powered platform. They need data analysis that gives them the ability to analyze a vast amount of data in real time, uncovering hidden trends and anomalies that would be impossible for humans to catch. Plus, phishing detection which allows the schools to spot even the sneakiest phishing emails, no matter how they're disguised. Along with password management, authentication, compliance, training and more.

The time has come for institutions to start to invest in an all-in-one cybersecurity solution. The digital landscape continues to evolve, and delaying action in hopes of a more opportune moment can prove detrimental.

Thankfully, the most advanced tools and security expertise once reserved for large enterprises, are now accessible in a single platform, making it easier than ever for educational institutions to deploy and manage cybersecurity solutions.

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