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February 16, 2021

Cybersecurity for all: why enterprise solutions shouldn’t be limited to the enterprise

Raffaele Mautone
Founder & CEO, AaDya Security

Cybersecurity for all. For the team at AaDya, this is more than just a tagline. It’s our North Star (and a few times over the past two years our Mount Everest) and the driving force behind everything we do. From product development, to sales, marketing and service, it means delivering comprehensive enterprise-level protection and support to small and midsize business customers (SMBs) that is smart, simple, effective and affordable.

The need for comprehensive cybersecurity protection for SMBs has never been more critical. Unfortunately many of these business owners and overwhelmed IT leaders have neither the time, nor the resources to cobble together a solution that will check all the boxes while not breaking the bank.

One of the main factors driving this need is the enterprise itself. Many of our SMB customers are now being held to the same security standards as the larger companies they support, and depending on the industries they serve, are also tasked with meeting compliance. Not only are these daunting tasks for an already resource constrained business, but they are now directly tied to revenue.

I founded AaDya in March of 2019 with an idea (see my original rough sketch above) to provide a robust suite of security tools that would meet these exact needs for SMBs. In my years of experience working in cybersecurity, these customers were treated as an afterthought rather than a focus -- and not much more than a supplemental stream of revenue. What that translated to was either watered-down solutions that left them vulnerable and exposed, or enterprise-level solutions at the highest price point that would be next to impossible for a business of this size to manage, let alone afford.

To address this need, we developed Marzo4, an all-in-one cybersecurity platform. Launched last summer, our platform included single sign on, password management, anti-phishing and endpoint protection, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence in the form of “Judy,” which on the front-end, takes the form of an interactive virtual cybersecurity assistant. It was a thrill to see my vision come to life, but there were still a few missing pieces needed to provide our customers with a true enterprise-level solution.

Enter BitLyft.

Last fall I was introduced to Jason Miller, the CEO and founder of BitLyft Cybersecurity. I quickly discovered that in addition to launching our companies in Michigan, there was a real synergy with BitLyft’s philosophy and ours, in that they also have a true desire to help SMB customers in a way that meets them where they are.

This was the beginning of a great partnership and the birth of Judy’s Team Blue, powered by BitLyft. Team Blue provides our customers with an extra layer of protection by giving them access to a full security operations center (SOC) trained to detect, respond and remediate security threats as they occur. Additional threat intelligence and logging provides a big picture of their system’s data context and relevant and effective reporting to help them meet compliance and customer security requirements. Team Blue is now fully integrated into Marzo4’s streamlined platform, and easily accessed through our interactive dashboard.

We’ve also added one-click compliance mapping to our dashboard so Marzo4 customers can quickly and easily map their compliance frameworks to meet customer security requirements without all the administrative hassle.

I’m thrilled to see this idea become a reality and I am thankful for partners like BitLyft, and our incredible team here at AaDya, who have made it all possible. I think I can safely speak for all of us when I say we are excited to be able to provide SMB customers with the accessible enterprise-level protection they deserve, at a price they can afford.

To request a product demo and to learn more about Marzo4 email, or call (800) 918-9113.