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Putting the Power of SIEM Within Reach of Small and Midsize Businesses

Whether you have just begun to delve into researching cybersecurity solutions for your business, or you have been at it a while, SIEM is an acronym you are more than likely to come across. SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), is a powerful tool that analyzes and aggregates activity from various resources across your entire IT infrastructure. It collects security data from cloud platforms, network hardware, servers, domain controllers, and more, including vital information that can alert you to potential threats or vulnerabilities before it’s too late. Simply put, it provides a comprehensive view into what’s happening in your digital world, monitoring for and detecting threats in real time, 24/7, and also keeps a record (or logs) of that activity for up to 365 days.

SIEM Monitors and Detects Unusual Behavior

Think of it in terms of physical security. A video surveillance system helps the watcher keep an eye on everything that’s going on throughout the day and night to monitor for anything that seems out of the ordinary. For example, someone you don’t recognize shows up to drop off an unexpected delivery after hours. This could be legitimate, but it’s worth investigating. And if something bad does happen, you’ll have the video to reference. SIEM works in a similar fashion for your digital world. It monitors and detects unusual behavior such as employee log-ins from different locations, out of the ordinary spikes in CPU usage and keeps a record of all of it to reference if anything goes wrong.

Do SMBs Need Managed Detection and Response?

Unfortunately, for many small and midsize organizations, setting up a SIEM can be a complicated and expensive undertaking. And while the best SIEM tools come with powerful automation, they still require a dedicated team of security professionals to monitor and manage. For organizations without a dedicated security team, making sense of the information that is collected would be next to impossible, effectively making your investment in the tool a wasted one. Many providers will set up and deploy the SIEM on your behalf, and some even provide managed detection & response (MDR) solutions, but those services come with a hefty price tag (in the range of $50,000 annually), and often include additional fees based on the amount of data that flows through the tool. Another option to consider is outsourcing your security (and SIEM management) to a managed security service provider (MSSP) to serve as the third-party provider of MDR to handle SIEM for you. While this can be less expensive than relying on the OEM for support, it can also be expensive, and finding an MSSP that offers best-in-class SIEM tools along with the security operations to support it is not as easy as it sounds.

Meet Judy and Team Blue – Managed 24/7 threat detection and automated remediation

Just because in-house security may not be feasible, it doesn’t stop cybersecurity from being a priority. So how can SMBs (and the MSPs and MSSPS that support them) leverage one of the most powerful tools available to fight cyber threats?

Meet Judy, AaDya’s affordable and easy-to-use, all-in-one cybersecurity platform. Judy leverages a variety of tools to protect small and midsize businesses, including a managed threat detection and automated remediation feature called Judy’s Team Blue.

Team Blue uses leading SIEM technology, backed by a deep bench of security experts that monitor your environment 24/7 to provide proactive integrated threat intelligence. Some solutions just provide automated or canned guidance while Judy’s Blue Team provides 24x7 access to experienced cybersecurity experts ready to help you remediate a breach, putting a comprehensive and responsive MDR solution within reach of SMBs and their providers. Backed by the power of Securonix, named one of the top SIEM tools by Gartner, Judy’s Team Blue collects critical information on massive amounts of data in real time to detect threats and uses next generation machine learning to provide actionable intelligence for automated remediation.

Rapid response is essential to mitigate the risk of cybersecurity threats. However, many security teams leverage poorly integrated SIEM and SOAR solutions, adding unnecessary complexity to threat detection and response. Judy’s Team Blue brings your security operations into a single pane of glass to deliver seamless, end-to-end incident lifecycle management. With Judy’s Advanced tier and up, there is no additional fee for setup and deployment and no limitations on the volume of data ingested. Team Blue’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) leverages advanced machine learning and behavior analytics to reduce false positives and give you a complete understanding of user and entity threats.

Benefits that go beyond security

In addition to next-gen security, Team Blue’s logging and monthly reporting can help SMBs meet many of the compliance requirements that are now being pushed down on them by their customers and stakeholders. Businesses and their providers will be provided with detailed insights into threats, user behavior and vulnerabilities that go beyond typical endpoint protection.


It’s never been more important for SMBs and their service providers to elevate their security game. The good news is now best-in-class tools and security expertise (like SIEM and a SOC), that were previously only available to the enterprise are now within reach.

Meet Judy (and her team) today and see all that she can do for small and midsize businesses.

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