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September 29, 2021

Team Insights: What Makes AaDya's Customer Success Stand Out

Shanique Ashers
AaDya Customer Success Analyst

When I had my interview with AaDya I immediately knew this is where I wanted to work. The title alone, Customer “Success” Analyst sets the expectation that you are responsible for the success of the customers you are taking care of each day. It was obvious to me that it was more than just a title, and that putting customers first was part of AaDya’s culture.

One of the main ingredients in our team’s ability to go above and beyond for our customers is having an engaged CEO and director that although we are working remotely, maintain constant communication as if we were in person. This ensures that we all have the tools we need to help our customers get the most out of their experience with our all-in-one platform.

During my time at AaDya I’ve onboarded many customers and have dealt with both technical and non technical users. No matter their level of technical expertise, we walk them through the whole process, and stay with them every step of the way as we prepare them to leave the nest.

Prior to the onboarding process they have all the information they need, from high-level tips and tricks to detailed product information, so they already know up front what to expect. We also provide detailed demos for customers so they can "meet Judy" and see the product in action to ensure that they are satisfied and successfully connected.

Another part of AaDya’s customer-first culture, is that we always seek feedback, whether good or bad, because we understand this is the key ingredient that will enable us to build the best product and provide the best service to our customers and partners. In my experience, this allows us to stand out above other organizations that I’ve worked for in the past. We take customer feedback very seriously and are encouraged to share it not just with each other, but with engineering, and management to make necessary changes and adjustments.

The past five months have been the best experience in my career and I want to continue to grow with this company. I am proud to be here and always feel appreciated. The entire AaDya team and culture helps me to live up to the “success” in my title and gives me the motivation to over-deliver with each customer interaction, no matter how big or small.

If you'd like to "meet Judy" and learn more about Shanique and the rest of the customer success team behind our AI and machine-learning driven all-in-one platform, contact us today at