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September 29, 2020

When it comes to cybersecurity, business size does matter

Let’s ditch the assumptions about small businesses and design solutions that work for them.

I have spent more than 20 years in the cybersecurity industry and am baffled that there are still so many products that don’t address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Yes, some companies “fit” these customers in, but typically only as an additional revenue stream. Trust me, I've been in many meetings where an “expert” thought this wasn’t a market segment worth going after. At AaDya, we believe this is a dated way of thinking. What we’ve learned over the past year from working alongside our design partners, who represent an array of verticals, is that there is a big opportunity to help these companies in a way that others can’t or won’t.

Cybersecurity remains at the forefront of many leaders’ minds as the need increases to protect their companies. Unfortunately, many SMBs do not own security software for reasons such as prioritization, cost, internal knowledge, specific expertise, and dedicated security staff.

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen with small businesses in particular, is that many do not have an internal IT team member, let alone an infosec analyst to set up and maintain cybersecurity software “point products” that typically only solve one problem. We often see stories that indicate a shortage of cybersecurity specialists or team members not in IT who are fatigued from spending long hours supporting these products. Why is there an assumption that a customer with 10-500 team members has a person on their team to manage this? They don’t, and that is the problem we set out to solve.

Instead of security experts saying SMB customers are not ready for cybersecurity solutions, or don’t understand the need, we recognize that there isn’t a solution that caters to this audience. Are you going to change the lens of how you look at SMBs regardless of employee size, or continue down a path of grouping point products together with an assumption that they have someone to maintain it or even want to? Or that they will spend that amount to hire a team member to manage the product(s).

We believe the answer, and the guiding principle of our platform design, is that the size (or budget) of a company shouldn’t limit its ability to combat cyber threats. The result, and we believe the best solution for SMBs, is Marzo4, an all-in-one software solution that provides smart, simple, affordable and effective cybersecurity protection that includes Judy, a virtual cybersecurity assistant that replaces the need to hire additional staff or external service providers.

Marzo4 meets the needs of our customers by offering a flexible, comprehensive platform with multiple cloud-based offerings at one low price and our artificial intelligence and machine learning platform differentiates us from the competition. Designed with SMBs in mind, this proactive AI approach manages, monitors, protects and informs. We are not a point product and pride ourselves on offering a unified approach to give our SMBs customers everything they need, and nothing they don’t.

As one of my favorite founders said, “There are no rules here -- we're trying to accomplish something.”

― Thomas A. Edison