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March 20, 2024

Judy Security - ConnectWise API Integration Setup & Guide

Judy Security - ConnectWise API Integration Setup & Guide

Enabling the Judy Security to ConnectWise PSA integration allows a copy of a support ticket that is created in the Judy Portal to be sent to your company’s PSA system for your tracking and management.

  • NOTE: Your company must already have an active account with ConnectWise in order to utilize this functionality.

In order to enable the integration, we need a few details from your ConnectWise account:

  • Your ConnectWise URL
  • Company
  • You must create an API Member and generate a Public Key and a Private Key
  • These details will be needed to fill out the form to configure ConnectWise integration in the Judy Portal later on

Gather / Generate the following information in ConnectWise

Confirm your ConnectWise Base URL and Company:

ConnectWise Base URL is the URL for your ConnectWise instance.

Company is your Connectwise CompanyID

How to generate Public key and Private Key in ConnectWise

This is configured in the ConnectWise Internet Client (available from ConnectWise) and this integration requires both the Public Key and Private Key elements of the API Key.

Create a Custom Security Role:

  • Go to System > Security Roles
  • Click the plus (+) New Item button in the Security Roles section
  • Enter a name for the Role ID
  • Click Save
  • Configure the roles settings in the Security Modules For Role - <New Role Name>
  • Please ensure the permission are set as follows:
    • Company > Company Maintenance: Inquire (All)
    • System > Table Setup: Inquire (All)
    • Service Desk > Service Ticket: Add Level(All) Inquire (All)
  • Click Save and Close to apply

Create the API Member

Go to System > Members

Choose the API Members tab

Click the plus (+) New Item button in the API Members tab

Complete the information in the New Member form

Choose your custom security role created above for the Role ID

Click Save and Close to apply

Generate the API Key

Open the newly created API Member

Go to API Keys

Click the plus (+) New Item button in the API Keys tab

Enter a Description for the API Key

Click Save

This displays the Public Key and Private Key. Copy and store these in a secure location, they are to be used for enabling the Judy Security - ConnectWise support ticket integration

Enabling the support ticket integration for ConnectWise in Judy Portal

Within Judy’s partner portal, a Champion or Admin user can enable the integration by navigating to the RMM/ PSA Integrations Screen.

NOTE: If the tile says “Available” this means that the integration can be enabled by filling out the form on the next screens. If it says “Enabled” under the tile, that means the integration is already enabled and active.

Click on the ConnectWise tile to get started:

  1. On the next screen, fill out the form with the details that you generated in ConnectWise above.

Next, select the service board where you would like the tickets to be logged (in ConnectWise).

Set the Status and Priority that you want tickets to be defaulted to (in ConnectWise) when the ticket is opened from Judy Portal

On the mapping screen, select your company and your corresponding company in ConnectWise.

  • Click the (+) button if you have any child / customer companies and map them as well.
  • This mapping will allow a copy of the tickets for those customers / companies to be sent to your PSA for tracking / management.

Click Save and Judy integration with ConnectWise PSA should now be enabled.

A copy of Judy support tickets your company (and child / customer companies that you mapped) create, will be sent to your ConnectWise PSA going forward.

You may also edit or remove the integration as needed by clicking on the ConnectWise tile in Judy Portal.