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September 15, 2020

Detroit-based Judy (formerly AaDya Security) Launches the First All-in-One Cybersecurity Platform, Marzo4, and Closes $2.7M in Seed Round


Detroit-based Judy (formerly AaDya Security) launches the first all-in-one cybersecurity platform, Marzo4, and closes $2.7M in seed round

Powered by Judy, an AI-driven virtual assistant, Marzo4 combines industry-grade endpoint and anti-phishing protection with the security and ease of streamlined password management and single-sign-on to make cybersecurity protection accessible to small and medium-size businesses.

September 9, 2020, Detroit, Michigan - Judy (formerly AaDya Security), a Detroit-based startup founded by cybersecurity veteran Raffaele Mautone in March of 2019, closed a $2.7M seed round and launched Marzo4, an all-in-one cybersecurity platform designed for small and medium-size businesses which has already been adopted by customers who are transitioning to remote work. Prior to founding Judy, Raffaele held leadership roles at McAfee, FireEye and Duo Security.

“I am thrilled that Firebrand Ventures, 645 Ventures and Next Coast Ventures have joined us in our mission to change the way businesses address today’s cybersecurity threats.” said Mautone. “What’s unique about the way we built Marzo4, is that it has everything a business needs in a single platform that’s easy to manage and implement, without compromising on security, and at a fraction of the cost. The reality for most businesses is their internal IT, and especially cybersecurity resources are limited or non-existent, so managing multiple solutions that offer more than they need is neither efficient nor cost-effective.”

Perhaps the most innovative aspect of the Marzo4 platform is Judy. Powered by artificial intelligence, Judy functions as a virtual cybersecurity assistant, available to every employee, across all devices, around the clock. Backed by Judy’s customer success team, and an extensive built-in knowledge base, businesses have access to cybersecurity support that was previously out of their reach.

In addition to Judy, Marzo4 includes four essential “pillars” of security that cover the most common threats.

The four pillars of security include:

  • Single-sign-on
  • Anti-phishing
  • Endpoint protection
  • Password management

“We have seen first hand how difficult it is for small and medium-size businesses to protect themselves from constant cyber attacks,” said Chris Marks, Managing Partner, Firebrand Ventures. “We are excited to partner with Raffaele and the Judy team as they solve this problem and keep businesses safe with a simple and affordable solution. We are also thrilled to be investing in the great city of Detroit.”

"When we first met Raffaele in 2019, he laid out the product vision for what is now Marzo4 word by word. Seeing it go from a napkin drawing to a fully functioning product has been very exciting," said Aleisso Fanelli, Director of Engineering, 645 Ventures. "We have been working closely with the Judy team since then, and we’re very excited to see them transform what security products for small and medium-size businesses look like."

This investment will allow Judy to add additional team members to support their existing and future customers, as well as continue to build out Marzo4 and enhance Judy with more machine learning features.

To request a product demo and to learn more about Marzo4 visit, email, or call (800) 918-9113.