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September 14, 2022

Judy (formerly AaDya Security) Announces Passwordless Authentication for Judy, the First All-in-One Cybersecurity for SMBs


Judy's accessible Secure Authentication and Password Manager help protect small and midsize businesses with distributed teams using personal computers and mobile devices.

Judy (formerly AaDya Security) announced today that it has launched passwordless authentication for Judy, the first all-in-one cybersecurity solution designed for small and midsize businesses. Users can now securely login to Judy using their mobile device’s biometric or PIN authentication, instead of having to remember a password. The new security feature further safeguards how small business employees access company resources, especially as they work remotely and on personal laptops and mobile phones.

According to a recent study by Oxford Economics and Samsung, up to 85% of small and midsize businesses are allowing all or most of their employees to use their mobile devices for work. Employees’ personal laptops and smartphones can expose a small business to risks of access to its proprietary data, files, and systems. TBTech reports 69% of small businesses do not strictly enforce password policies, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks.

“Small and midsize businesses face the same if not greater risks for cybercrime with potentially devastating consequences,” said Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber. “Judy understands the resource constraints of small businesses and delivers the most comprehensive solution to meet their needs.”

Easy Implementation Increases Compliance

Judy’s new passwordless authentication is easy for small businesses to implement. Users logging in to Judy are sent a notification to authenticate on their mobile phone using multifactor authentication with either their biometric login or PIN code on Judy’s mobile app. Once logged in to Judy, employees’ passwords are protected in Judy’s Password Manager with single sign-on to autofill application credentials, and password auditing to identify potential weaknesses. Employees no longer need to remember passwords and business owners can have confidence that employees are complying with cybersecurity best practices and compliance frameworks requiring MFA.

Affordable Cybersecurity for the Smallest SMBs

Passwordless authentication and Password Manager are available in all levels of Judy, from Essential to Premium. Small businesses can get Judy Essential for as little as $14 per user, per month. Judy Essential also includes DNS Filtering to identify and block malicious links, and Endpoint Detection and Response to secure devices from ransomware and malware.

“I started this company with a mission to deliver enterprise-level cybersecurity to SMBs. Adding the power of passwordless into our solution is a huge leap forward toward that goal. And, we’ve done it in a way that meets small businesses where they are – it’s easy to implement and manage, providing them with a level of security that has never before been within their reach,” said Judy Founder and CEO Raffaele Mautone, “Judy delivers peace of mind to small business owners at a price they can afford.”

About Judy (formerly AaDya Security)

AaDya Security provides smart, simple, effective and affordable cybersecurity software solutions for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Judy, the first all-in-one cybersecurity platform for SMBs, leverages AI and machine learning to deliver next-generation, 24/7 protection and support for companies who lack the time, expertise and capital to successfully implement these solutions on their own. For more information, visit

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