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December 21, 2022

The Tech Tribune Profiles Judy (formerly AaDya Security) Founder Raffaele Mautone

Judy (formerly AaDya Security) is thrilled to have been named among the 10 Best Tech Startups in Detroit for 2023. This is the fourth consecutive year the company has received the honor by tech startup journal The Tech Tribune, in partnership with Crunchbase. Their mission with the award is to, "recognize and honor the most exemplary young companies all across the country, companies that too often do not get a well deserved turn in the spotlight."

To learn more about Judy, founder and CEO Raffaele Mautone sat down for a Q&A with The Tech Tribune in their Profile of a Founder series. A few highlights from the interview include:

What does the future hold for Judy?

"The entire idea and mission behind Judy is innovative in that it’s a territory many major players in the cybersecurity industry have avoided due to its cumbersome nature and revenue potential. We see this differently. With the combination of a vast universe of SMBs who have been underserved and the rise in cybercrime against them, we saw an opportunity to not only create something innovative, but something that could truly help a segment that comprises the majority of economic activity, not just in the US and North America, but around the world...."

What are your thoughts on the local tech startup scene in Detroit?

"I grew up going to Detroit on the weekends with my family – it’s always had a very special place in my heart. When I moved back in 2013, it only took a few months for me to realize how the city was transforming. The startup community is an amazing group of people who are all willing to help each other. Maybe it’s a Midwest thing, but no matter whom you talk to, everyone knows the city has grown in ways that no one could have imagined. To look at the 100+ companies listed as startups in Detroit, you would see every vertical, sector, and idea is now underway in our tech community. That continues to shine the light on Detroit we’ve all been hoping for, enabling other startups to get the same attention as more traditional tech regions in the US...."

What’s your best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

"...I know we all see the companies that make it with billions of dollars and make it look easy, but it’s really not. You will get hundreds of 'No's a week directed towards you as a founder, your product, your customers, and even your investors. Your days will start one way and end completely differently, with many ups and downs. Celebrate the wins no matter how big or small..."

Read the full interview, here.